Brining content to life with filming, CGI and motion graphics


Motion incorporates all aspects of video production and animation, including scripting, storyboarding and production for interactive and 360° VR. We have extensive experience in filming (studio and location), CGI, motion graphics, VFX and editing.

As an essential part of every marketeer’s toolkit, motion provides media-rich content for various platforms including apps, websites and 3rd party services such as YouTube.

For clients looking to boost rankings, video is one of the key aspects to consider. As Google puts it: “If you’re not using video to improve search rankings, you’re not doing content right”.

Use cases

Corporate videos, architectural walkthroughs, conference filming, product visualisation, logo stings, title graphics



  • Location scouting

  • Studio, lighting and sound

  • Camera crew

  • Talent hire

  • HD, 4K, 360° filming

  • Post Production


  • Raw modelling or from existing CAD files

  • Texturing, lighting

  • Camera rigs and animation

  • Rendering or export for interactivity eg Oculus VR

Motion graphics:

  • Storyboarding

  • Design

  • Animation / SFX